Why do Parents Consider Adoption?

Why do Parents Consider Adoption?

Are you a prospective parent considering adoption? Here are some of the many reasons that you must take the plunge:


Due to infertility, many couples cannot have biological children. This is the most common reason for prospective parents to choose adoption. Most of these cases are where the couple have been struggling to conceive naturally for many years or have even tried different fertility treatments that have failed.

Medical conditions that render pregnancy dangerous:

There are some women who suffer from some medical conditions that makes it impossible or dangerous to get pregnant. Some women are aware of these conditions since childhood or adulthood and some of them might have developed them in a previous pregnancy. For such prospective mothers, adoption is the only option to have a child without endangering their lives.

Same sex Couple:

Same sex couples cannot have biological children naturally, so they are left with only adoption as an option to begin a family.

Single Parent:

Sometimes a person is ready to become a parent, but they do not have a partner to start a family with. Such parents also prefer adoption over going through painful fertility treatments to give birth to a biological child who is genetically related.

Genetic disorders or diseases:

Some couples are fully capable of producing healthy children and having a healthy pregnancy, but they fear passing genetic diseases or disorders to their child as they are genetic carriers of the disease-causing genes. Adoption is no doubt the best solution for such prospective couples.

Giving a child a loving home:

Some prospective parents already have their own biological children, but they want to give an orphan or homeless child a loving home. Children who are growing up in foster homes do not get the personal attention and love that they deserve so such kind-hearted people step up and adopt a child to bring them up as their own.

Help pregnant women who want to pursue other goals:

Prospective adoptive parents who are well aware of the dedication having a child demands and know that some pregnant women want to pursue other goals in life than raising a child, opt to adopt a child to give him/her a better shot at life.

Help a family member or relative who isn’t ready to raise a child:

Sometimes people want to help a pregnant family member or relative who isn’t yet ready to raise a child on her own and is looking for someone to adopt the child.

Help one of the thousands of homeless American children:

Sometimes prospective adoptive parents are looking to help the thousands of homeless children who do not have a home and are living on the streets in the USA.

Help a child from another country:

Some people are looking for children from underdeveloped countries and want to adopt them to give them a better chance at life.

There are some people out there who cannot decide or articulate the reason why they want to adopt! We can say that it’s something they just have a natural desire for. If you are one of those prospective parents looking for an adoption lawyer in Atlanta, you have come to the right place! Contact Tom Tebeau today to discuss all that is in your mind. Thus, we can say: “Giving birth does not make her a mother. Placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one.”


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