Relative Adoption

Relative Adoption

Relatives often adopt a child out of love, care and particularly if the biological parents pass away. Georgia adoption laws allow only the relatives that have a blood bond with a child or is related by marriage to adopt him/her, so a grandparent,  great grandparent, sibling, uncle, aunt, great aunt or great uncle are eligible for filing an adoption. There are many conditions that can lead to relative adoption for instance, a deceased parent, child abuse or neglect, teenage pregnancy, mental health issues of the parents, financial problems and more. To provide a child a caring and loving home, this adoption is allowed by the law, the court makes sure that the relative and his/her house is suitable for placing the child there. Just like other adoptions, the process includes submitting the required documents, state checks and other formalities.

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Tom Tebeau has been serving to the adoption law needs of all kinds of clients for years now. We have knowledgeable attorneys who are well-acquainted with the state laws and the legal steps that have to be followed after you have filed for adoption. We make sure that you receive quick answers to all the questions regarding relative adoption. Tell us what kind of advice and services you are looking for and we will make sure that you receive gratifying and timely assistance and services. Our lawyers have the highest success rate of winning over the adoption cases in the state. We make sure that you receive quick and detailed responses for the queries you have. If there are certain documents that you want to get legally drafted, we are here to sort this for you. Regarding the background and other checks by the court, you can ask for our expert advice.

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