Adoption Through State Agencies

Adoption Through State Agencies

People who are searching to adopt a child can also sign up as foster parents. This type of adoption is managed by the State. In Georgia, this is managed by the Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS). Taking on a child in as foster parents differs greatly from adopting one through a private agency. Georgia adoption laws acknowledge the rights of foster parents through the foster parent Bill of Rights, it outlines 23 rights for DFCS foster parents.

Becoming A Foster Parent

There are certain things that prospective foster parents should know. As compared to regular adoption where the adoptive parents get complete rights to retain and keep the child, foster parents might have custody of a child for a limited time. Usually, birth parents of foster children lose their parental legal rights, and the state takes custody of the child to be placed in a foster home. The reasons why parents can lose their parental rights are many, from domestic issues to the parents facing jail time to child abuse. However, with foster care, the State’s priority is to get the child back to their birth parents provided that the issues that led to the child going to foster care in the first place are addressed.

Foster parents need to have a genuine interest in helping children as compared to the mindset with adoption. The state realizes this and ensures that foster parents understand the responsibility they are taking on and that is why the home study is longer as compared to that of adoptive parents. Foster parents also might need to go through training. Foster parents are also given a stipend for taking care of a child. Some foster parents are paid more if they are trained to handle children who have trauma or have psychological issues.

The Role of an Adoption Lawyer

The Law Office of Thomas Tebeau adoption attorney Georgia will help you ensure that your rights as foster parents are upheld throughout the duration. There may be cases where foster parents would like to take on a child who was in their care previously. Such incidents happen where a child was sent back to their birth parents but due to the same issues or others was brought back into the foster system. If there is a violation of your rights, we can give legal counsel on your behalf. If a foster child has been put up for adoption by the State and you would like to adopt the child, we can assist with that. If you would like to know the other services, we offer please check here. If you would like to speak with someone directly you can reach us at (706) 327-1151.


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