Third Party Adoption

Third Party Adoption

According to the law of Georgia, this adoption can take place between the biological and adopting parents when the birth parents give up their parental rights and consent to adoption in writing. As per Georgia adoption laws the rule applies for children below 14 years of age, for kids that are 14 and above the court asks if they are willing to go to a foster home. The third party adoption can’t take place if the adoptive parents are the step-parents or relatives of the child. Like all other adoptions, home study is first completed by the court to check if the child can be safely placed in a home.

The adopting parents should not have a criminal or questionable background. Legal guardians or parents of the child have to complete the different steps and processes involved in this adoption. The procedure can take up to 60 days or more and requires legal advice and services; you need to have a reliable adoption attorney by your side for completing the documentation and state checks.

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