Why Do Adoption Lawyers Recommend Independent Adoption to Adoptive Parents?

Why Do Adoption Lawyers Recommend Independent Adoption to Adoptive Parents?

If you have decided to adopt a child, you would have probably come across different adoptions available to you. Of all the various adoptions you can opt for, independent adoption and agency adoption is the most common. Independent adoption doesn’t involve an adoption agency; you have to work with an agency to complete the adoption process with agency adoption. At the law office of Tom Tebeau III, we handle both types of adoption and other major adoption types. Most adoption lawyers recommend independent adoption to their clients. There are several reasons why some lawyers might prefer independent adoption, and this article will explain all the reasons, so read on.

Reasons Why Some Parents Prefer Independent Adoption As Per The Top Adoption Attorney In Atlanta

While both independent and agency adoption have their merits, independent adoption takes the cake in some cases. As the top adoption attorney in Atlanta, we treat any adoption with utmost care. And while it is your choice to choose either option at the end of the day, it is up to us to inform you about the reasons why adoption attorneys often recommend independent adoption. So, here are some common reasons why independent adoption might be a better choice:

It costs less: When you are adopting independently, you choose the type of costs you may want to incur. Since there is no agency involved, you don’t have to go through the agency’s systematic process, which costs money every step of the way. The lawyer’s cost might be the only high cost you have to incur with independent adoption. Yet, independent adoption is not always cheaper if you end up having to pay for the financial assistance of the birth mother. However, if you don’t have to pay for financial aid,-independent adoption might be the cheaper option.

Independent adoption is quicker: Independent adoption is often faster because there are fewer barriers you have to cross to fulfill the adoption process. While we will be with you during your adoption journey for both adoptions, you have to follow the waiting durations and screening process, which adds to the time. Still, agency adoption offers you more choices since agencies have a pool of children up for adoption. So, there are perks to both independent and agency adoption.

Independent adoption gives you more control: You will be more involved in the process and have more control over your adoption during the independent one. You have no agency overseeing the process from choosing a child to interacting with the child’s mother or family. That makes independent adoption a clear choice for someone who doesn’t want an agency telling them how they should carry on with the adoption process. However, while you have more control over the process, it makes it a bit more complex. While agency adoption is a closed form of adoption, the independent one requires you to reveal your identity to the birth mother and the child’s family, which can be a deal-breaker for some.

So, there you have it; while independent adoption has some merits, agency adoption also offers its own set of benefits. Whether you go for independent adoption, agency adoption, stepparent adoption or any other form of adoption, it is best to consult a lawyer.


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