What is Contested Adoption, and How Can Adoption Lawyers Help With Such Adoptions?

What is Contested Adoption, and How Can Adoption Lawyers Help With Such Adoptions?

As the name suggests, contested adoption is when adoption is challenged by one of the biological parents. This situation can be frustrating for anyone looking to adopt a child. It's situations like these that adoption lawyers such as Thomas Tebeau are hired to prevent. The best way to avoid problems in your adoption process, such as a contested adoption, is to get our legal assistance. However, many hopeful parents aren't sure what contested adoption is and how adoption lawyers can help such adoptions. So, if you are a hopeful parent who is confused about contested adoptions and the role of adoption attorneys in this situation, we suggest you read this article to the end.

What is a contested adoption as per the top adoption attorney in Atlanta?

Contrary to common belief, an adoption can not only be contested by a biological parent; it can also be challenged by a family member of the child, including other entities. According to Thomas Tebeau III, the top adoption attorney in Atlanta, adoptions are usually contested when the child is adopted as an infant. However, adoption can be contested no matter what the age of the child is. A contested adoption is often confused with a disrupted adoption; however, it is essential to understand that a disrupted adoption is when biological parents change their mind before placing the child with adoptive parents. On the other hand, a contested adoption occurs when a child is usually placed in the custody of the adoptive parent and a biological parent or family member contests the adoption in court before the finalization of the adoption.

If an adoption does get contested, the adoptive parents have a right to defend their stance, and that is something we can handle on your behalf. We understand the frustration the adoptive parents may face if an adoption gets challenged. It can also overly complicate the adoption process that is already emotionally stressful for adoptive parents. This is why we make sure that any contested adoption that comes to us is handled with the utmost care by defending the adoptive parents' legitimate standpoint. Not to mention adoption lawyers can help you reduce the overall costs involved in the adoption process.

How can an adoption lawyer help with a contested adoption?

Adoptions are contested for various reasons, which means each contested adoption case will be different from the other. We at Thomas Tebeau help with contested adoption cases by looking at things like the adoption being contested on basis of a legitimate cause and whether the law supports the claim of the parent or family member that is challenging the adoption.

Whether it is an independent adoption, stepparent adoption, relative adoption, or any other form of adoption, we can provide legal assistance as well as consultancy to prospective adoptive parents. Just give us a call at (706) 327-1151 to schedule a consultation.


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