Third-Party Adoption Services You Need to Know About

Third-Party Adoption Services You Need to Know About

For all the different types of child adoption procedures, anyone can contact any adoption law serving firm like THOMAS TEBEAU. Our mission here is to serve children, biological parents, adoptive parents as well as adoption agencies with complete dedication and kindness. Anyone can have full details of all the adoption procedures from our expert adoption lawyers in Georgia. The following are the different kinds of adoption law services we provide to our customers.


1.    Third-Party Adoptions Services

The third-party services of adopting a child in Georgia are also known as independent or private adoption system. In this type of Adoption law service, adoptive parents who are not biologically or directly related to the child are involved. They don't ask for adopting a child through any child welfare state department or any licensed company. Instead, they adopt the child through some reference, such as the recommendations of family or friends.

In addition to that, third-party adoptions services offered by THOMAS TEBEAU can involve adoptive parents and children who can be residents of different states. In this case, the adoptive parents must have consent from both the different sending and receiving States before the child leaves his birth state. This process involves complicated federal and state laws that require the services of a capable adoption lawyer. So, for successful interstate adoption, it is vital to retain an experienced Georgia adoption attorney.


2.    The Stepparent Adoption Georgia

Here is more about stepparent adoption, Georgia; this type of adoption is suitable for any of the adoptive parents when a new life partner adopts the child of his previously married life partner. This means that the child belongs to one different parent from his either parental background. In comparison to traditional adoption methods, this adoption support offered by THOMAS TEBEAU is a simple one. The one thing essential in this process is the consent of the biological parents. However, if any of the original parents is not found or does not give the consent, then the process may require additional time. Yet, it can still be done by asking the court to terminate the parental rights of the biological parents through our law office.


3.    Grandchildren Adoption

Rules of every state may vary with regards to adoptions and the right given to parents. At THOMAS TEBEAU, we are often asked, "Can grandparents stop an adoption?". The answer to this question entirely depends on the adoption laws of any state. If we talk about Georgia, it allows grandparents to seek reasonable visitation and adoption rights with their grandchildren. Georgia laws well recognize the importance of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren. So, the answer here in Georgia is "Yes Grandparents can stop adoption" by challenging the adoption in court. The laws here permit a limited number of third parties, including grandparents, to file for adoption against any biological parent. However, the Georgia courts require complete satisfaction and proof of the grandparents' relation and future.


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