How To Adopt A Child In Georgia Through A Private Agency

How To Adopt A Child In Georgia Through A Private Agency

Seeing your baby for the first time as a newborn is a dream for many parents. They picture bringing their baby home from the hospital, designing a nursery, and rearing him or her from the start. Adopting a child in Georgia is an option that many unmarried people, same-sex couples, and couples battling infertility consider. A private adoption may be ideal if you're looking to adopting a child and bringing it into your family.

What Is Private Adoption?

It is called a "private adoption" when the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents for her child. Adoptive parents can form a close relationship with the birth mother while she is pregnant and adopts a newborn at the time of birth, even if some mothers plan to put their older children up for adoption.

Private adopting a child in Georgia can be divided into two categories: agency adoption and independent adoption. If you decide to go with a private adoption, a lot will rely on the expert you choose to work with and the required services.

Independent Adoption

Networking and referrals from friends and family can help some potential adoptive families locate a match with pregnant parents. An adoption attorney is the only professional you need to adopt a kid safely and legally.

Your primary adoption professional for independent adoption is Tom Tebeau, who will provide all of the services necessary to adopt an infant, including advising you during your match process, obtaining the necessary consent, coordinating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICPC) process, and legally finalizing the adoption.

Agency Adoption

Adoptive parents might work with a reputable agency to find a suitable birth mother or family for their child. In agency adoptions, Tom Tebeau can assist you in understanding the agency contracts and assessing potential adoption matches. The adoption process will be completed in Georgia once the child is born and placed with you.

Regardless of whether you go with an adoption agency or go alone, you'll need the assistance of an experienced adoption lawyer to ensure that adopting a child in Georgia goes smoothly.

How Can I Adopt a Child in Georgia?

  1. Completing The Home Study for Adoption
    Adoptive parents in Georgia must undergo an adoption home study before adopting a child. Please contact us if you haven't previously finished the home study procedure, and we'll help you find a reliable provider.
  2. Finding An Adoption Opportunity
    Suppose you haven't previously located a potential birth mother to adopt from. In that case, we can advise you on creating a profile and informing people about your adoption while still abiding by state advertising regulations. We can also direct you to a certified child-placing agency to complete the matching procedure if you want to use an agency's matching services.
  3. Taking Possession of The Adoptive Placement
    You will have the opportunity to meet your baby once he or she is born at the hospital. Tom Tebeau can help you understand your rights and responsibilities throughout the hospitalization of the birth mother. As part of the adoption process, we will collaborate with the expecting mother and her adoption lawyer to secure her legal consent.
  4. Complete The Adoption Procedure
    To ensure a safe and legal adoption process, we will provide all of the legal services you need, including terminating the parental rights of an unknown or uninvolved birth father, ensuring compliance with all state and federal adoption laws, and providing legal representation in the case of an uncontested adoption. We will also file and follow Georgia finalization procedures.
  5. Post-Placement Contact
    Finalization is rarely the end of today's adoptions. Open or semi-open adoptions allow you to stay connected with your child's birth parents for years to come. The birth mother, and her adoption attorney can collaborate with Tom Tebeau to develop and negotiate a post-adoption contact agreement that outlines a strategy for future communication with your baby's biological family.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to adopting a child in Georgia, we have the local legal expertise you need to complete the private adoption procedure successfully. In addition, we can help you find other top adoption experts if you need further assistance in adopting a kid.

Please contact Tom Tebeau to set up a consultation to learn more about adopting a child in Georgia or discuss our newborn adoption services.


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