Finding the Best Adoption Lawyer in Columbus

Finding the Best Adoption Lawyer in Columbus

House without children is like a garden without flowers. If you and your partner are looking to adopt a child in Columbus, you should definitely seek help from an adoption lawyer in Columbus. At Tom Tebeau, our mission is to find loving homes for children so that children can live a happy life. Legal adoption services include private adoption, international adoption, stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption, and foster parent adoption. It does not matter if you have children or not taking care of children who lost their parents is definitely a good deed to follow.

Before you think about hiring an adoption lawyer in Columbus to be aware of the fact that adopting a child comes with great legal challenges, as you will have to go through the legal paperwork in order to adopt a child. Let us discuss different adoption services:

Private adoption lawyers in Columbus

Private adoption is quicker than agency adoption because the legal custody of the child will go directly to the parents. If you are looking for private adoption in Columbus, seek help from an adoption lawyer in Columbus.

Stepparent adoption process

If you are going to become a stepparent of a child, you need to go through the legal paperwork and get a new birth certificate issued with the adopting parent as the child’s natural parent. All stepparent adoptions usually take place in the court of the county where the child resides.

A hiring adoption lawyer in Columbus for International adoption

International adoption is the most difficult adoption, as it requires an understanding of both the countries where the child and adopting parent resides. International child adoption is not possible from one country to another without getting approval from both countries. In this situation, hiring an adoption lawyer in Columbus is necessary.

Grandparent adoption process

In Columbus, Ohio, a grandparent has the right to adopt their grandchildren by following a certain procedure. In this type of adoption, the study happens and there has to be a proper notice. The child’s last name is also changed and there is a new birth certificated issued. There are few cases, in which the state of Ohio does not have to take the consent of the birth parent to proceed with the grandparent adoption.

The single parent adoption process

As compared to a married couple, single parents might have to face more challenges in adopting a child. Hiring an adoption lawyer in Columbus will not only help the single parent in adopting a child but eventually, children will also find nurturing homes.

Before making a decision to adopt a child always look into the financial aspect of your family so you can be sure about the needs of the adopted child. Many websites and tutorials will guide you regarding the adoption process and will train you accordingly. Consider adopting a child as giving birth to a new child because as a parent you would be responsible for protecting the needs of the child.


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