Do I need an adoption attorney to finalize an adoption?

Do I need an adoption attorney to finalize an adoption?

Prospective adoptive parents wondering whether they need an attorney to finalize an adoption in Georgia should ask themselves this question: If we were in labor with a biological child, would we trust someone other than a medical professional to deliver the child? Of course not – that would be foolish and dangerous to the child. The same goes for completing an adoption without an adoption attorney.  It would be foolish, and dangerous to the permanency and stability of the child.

Adoption in Georgia is legally complicated, highly technical, and fraught with potential land mines. Unfortunately, we have seen the results of adoptive parents either trying to navigate the legal system by themselves or with an attorney who is not experienced in Georgia adoption law. Some we were able to fix, and some led to heartbreak for the adoptive parents. While all adoptions carry some legal risk, it is critical to minimize or eliminate the risks that could lead to the disruption of an adoption and the consequences.

We advise adoptive parents to consult with an attorney as soon as they have made the decision to seek adoption. An experienced adoption attorney can guide the adoptive parents through the process from beginning to end, and can provide crucial information to avoid obstacles or problems down the road. Many an adoption has been secured through careful planning and preparation in conjunction with an adoption attorney.

Adoptive parents should not only seek out an attorney to handle the adoption, but should seek out an attorney who specializes in adoption. As stated, adoption is a highly technical area of the law. To take the earlier medical analogy one step further, a patient seeking surgery for brain cancer would not entrust the procedure to a foot surgeon. Likewise, adoption is a specialty within the larger scope of law practice that includes a myriad of disciplines.

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* Thomas Tebeau III practices adoption law across the State of Georgia. He has finalized hundreds of adoptions of all types. Tom is a Fellow with the Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers, and presents on adoption related topics at seminars and conferences throughout the State.



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