Common Reasons why Adoptions are Denied (A guide by an adoption attorney in Atlanta)

Common Reasons why Adoptions are Denied (A guide by an adoption attorney in Atlanta)

Are you worried that your adoption appeal might get denied? Being a highly experienced adoption attorney office, we can tell you are not the only prospective adoptive parent that worries about that. The number one reason you should hire an adoption attorney in Atlanta, or anywhere in the US, is to ensure your adoption is a success. At the law office of Thomas Tebeau, we often get concerned couples who want to know about the common reasons for which adoptions might get denied. While we specialize in handling complicated adoptions successfully, certain situations result in an adoption appeal denial. In this article, we are going to tell you about these reasons so read on.

Not Hiring Services of Adoption Lawyers

Adoption lawyers don't just handle the adoption process; they help you fulfill the adoption requirements, understand the paperwork, and ensure timely submission of documents and provide other support. While you are not legally required to hire an adoption lawyer for adoption, the chances are if you don't hire an adoption lawyer, you will either miss necessary submissions or end up in a situation that you don't understand. There are many complexities involved in adopting a child, and if you miss any crucial step during the adoption process, you might lose your chance of adopting the child.

There are state-specific adoption laws that we specialize in and can smoothly handle the adoption process. So, if you haven't started searching for a lawyer to help you in adoption, visit our office for a consultation or visit our website to find out more about our adoption services.

History of Child Abuse Might Result in an Adoption Appeal Denial

While it is possible to adopt a child if you have a criminal record, your adoption appeal might get denied if you have a history of child abuse. If you have committed certain crimes against children in the past, it might be impossible for you to adopt a child because the court will not be satisfied with the child's safety after adoption.

However, if you have any other criminal record, you might be considered for adoption, and we can view your criminal record to help you understand your eligibility for adoption.

Specific Health Issues Might Render You Ineligible for Adoption

Having a serious health problem might reduce your chances of being able to adopt a child. Your adoption appeal might get turned down if you have a life-threatening medical condition. If your illness prevents you from caring for the child properly, that can also be a basis for an adoption appeal getting denied. Each adoption case is different, and it is a good idea to get in touch with us at (706) 327-1151 if you have certain illnesses and want to adopt a child.

Are you looking for an adoption attorney in Atlanta? Instead of looking online for an "adoption attorney near me," you can get in touch with us for expert advice on your adoption case.


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