Avoiding Complications with Child Adoption with Adoption Lawyers in Atlanta

Avoiding Complications with Child Adoption with Adoption Lawyers in Atlanta

Adopting a child or more than one can prove a very complicated process. However, adoption is probably the one time when people involved in the case can leave the courthouse smiling. At Tom Tebeau, our adoption lawyers in Atlanta help you start the process, face the complicated legal process, fulfill the requirements for the adoption, and manage all the documentation associated with it. We focus on making sure you get the joy of adopting a new person for your family.

Deciding to adopt a child is usually a tough call. There are a lot of questions and concerns. Sometimes, there are complications with the biological parents or even stepparents of the child. Therefore, you may need professional assistance. Let us explain some details. There are different scenarios of adoption, which we need to explain briefly in this article.

Stepparents Adoption

Sometimes, due to unusual circumstances, there can be a stepparent adoption. For this, our adoption lawyers in Atlanta are well versed in all the legalities involved. You can contact us for a consultation about your legal rights and how we can assist you to win the case. Our attorney will represent you as you go through the following types of processes:

  •          An agency-assisted or private adoption (local, interstate, or international adoption)
  •          Contest to adopting a child or terminating the parent's rights
  •          Stepparent, forester parent, or grandparent or other relative adopting the child

Answering Questions about Private or In-family Adoption

As one of the most experienced adoption lawyers in Atlanta we understand the importance and how the adoption laws apply to different scenarios. Whether you are fighting for adoption of a stepchild, foster child, or if there is a dispute between parents over child adoption, we guarantee that we will help you win the battle. We are aware of how sensitive these cases can be; therefore, we urge our clients to be transparent with us. The more accurate the information you share with our attorneys the better. If you have any specific questions, feel free to call us.

Adoption Termination Process

Sometimes, we call stepparent adoptions "Adoption Terminations." This is because the biological parents' rights must be terminated before the adopting stepparents can proceed with the adoption. It is important to terminate the adopting parents' rights completely. Usually, stepparent adoptions are appropriate if the biological parents are not involved in the child's life at all.

The termination of the biological parents' rights can be both involuntary and voluntary. Once the biological parents give up their rights, they are not obliged to pay child support. Our adoption lawyers in Atlanta are always ready and available to assist you with it. If you need to speak to a professional, feel free to call us.

Home Investigations

The judge decides whether there is the need to send someone to check the child’s wellbeing with the stepparents. However, this depends on the history of the stepparents and their background.

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