Adopting A Second Child? Read This Guide by The Top Adoption Attorney in Atlanta

Adopting A Second Child? Read This Guide by The Top Adoption Attorney in Atlanta

If you are an adoptive parent that is trying to adopt another child, then, first of all, we would like to tell you that you just made a great decision. It is natural for one-time adoptive parents to adopt another child, and as an adoption attorney in Atlanta, we at Tom Tebeau regularly handle second-time adoption cases. While second-time adoption might be exciting, it is still a significant decision to make, and there should be some considerations beforehand on your part. While we are always here to help, no matter if it is your first or second time adopting a child, it is still good to do your homework and consider some critical things about the process. If you are about to adopt a second child, then this article is for you, and we suggest you read this until the end.

Do the adoption lawyers you are considering hiring handle second-time adoptions?

When you hire an adoption lawyer for your second child's adoption, you should always ask them if they can handle second-time adoption. While second-time adoption is pretty much similar to the first adoption, there are still some differences. For example, some birth mothers prefer their child to go to a childless family; however, that is a birth mother's personal preference. Therefore, it is a good idea to go to adoption lawyers with experience in dealing with second-time adoptions. We at Tom Tebeau have experience dealing with both first and second-time adoption cases, so you can rest assured that your second-time adoption is in good hands when you hire us.

Do you have the finances to adopt and raise the second child?

While adopting and raising one child requires plenty of money, doing it all over again can be a serious financial undertaking. If your first child is still an infant or has special needs, then you may want to reconsider your decision to adopt your second child if you are struggling to fulfill these expenses. Not to mention adoption itself can cost you thousands of dollars no matter its first or second adoption. That is why we always ask people about to adopt their second child to consider their financial situation before finalizing the decision. There are adoption lawyers' costs and legal fees and the expenses of raising another child you have to keep in mind when making the second adoption decision.

Considering the emotions and feeling of the first adopted child

When you bring your second adoptive child to your home, it will have an emotional impact on the first child. So, it is essential to consider the first child's feelings before bringing the second child to your home. Your first child will ask plenty of questions about his/her new sibling, and you will have to be ready to answer these questions. They may ask about the adoption process and their adoption when they see the adoption process for their adoptive sibling. So, before adopting a child, it is good to prepare yourself for the questions that your first adopted child might ask about the second adoption.

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