Adopting a Child in Georgia, what does that mean for Child Support?

Adopting a Child in Georgia, what does that mean for Child Support?

The question "Do I still owe child support if my child has been adopted or if in the process of adopting a child in Georgia?" is frequently asked by birth parents. While "no" is the short answer, there are some details surrounding child support and adoption that you should know.
The question of child support after adopting a child in Georgia is one that birth parents frequently have:

  • By choosing adoption, you can avoid paying child support in the future, which can improve your financial situation.
  • A reputable and knowledgeable adoption professional can explain how it's feasible to give a child up for adoption without paying child support.

You can learn more about adoption child support, services for placing your kid for adoption, and potential additional financial aid during the adoption process by contacting an adoption agency in Georgia.

How Does Adopting a Child in Georgia Without Child Support Work?

  1. For starters, all parental rights are officially dissolved after an adoption. Adoption by a stepparent or a third party relieves the biological parents from all financial and other commitments they may have to the child. Only after the adoption is formalized and the order is filed with the court does the birth parent's child support obligation end, not when the parent gives up parental rights. Therefore, until the adoption is finalized, you should budget for child support payments.
  2. Arrears in child support payments are also not eliminated by an adoption. Arrears in child support payments are still owed, even if the judgment has expired. A court adoption order will not cancel past due child support payments. As such, you should budget to keep making child support payments even after the adoption takes place.
  3. It's also important to note that even after a final hearing, you very well still be required to pay child support. After the final hearing, you must contact the state agency in charge of child support and give the necessary documentation to stop your payments, which is typically the final order of adoption ending parental rights.

While this article can help you get a sense of the big picture about adopting a child in Georgia and child support, it's crucial to understand how adoption will affect your particular child support obligations. Contact Tom Tebeau for all your adoption-related questions and concerns.

Stepparent Adoption and Child Support

In the event of a stepparent adoption, in which one biological parent has been divorced, and the other parent's new partner is adopting the kid, neither you nor the other biological parent will be obligated to provide child support payments after the adoption has taken place. However, if you have fallen behind on child support payments in the past, you must catch up on those arrears.

It's crucial to contact your state's child support agency or international adoption agencies in Georgia before you cease making payments. You can get answers to your inquiries concerning your current and prospective child support responsibilities from them.

Do You Need More Information on Adoption and Child Support?

The adoption procedure and the law surrounding it may seem daunting at first. Although we hope you find the following article informative, it is not written to, and should not be construed as, providing specific financial or legal advice.

Contact us for free online if you have more concerns regarding child support after adoption, considering placing your child for adoption, or are considering adopting a child in Georgia. You can ask any concerns you have regarding the financial aid available to you as an expectant parent considering an adoption plan, as well as the rights and duties of the birth father, to a professional specializing in adoption.


  1. Do you get paid for adoption legal fees?
    Legal representation and filing expenses in court are additional costs that must be covered. Adoptive parents can end the bill for the legal paperwork necessary to finalize the adoption. We will find one for you if you do not already have an adoption attorney. The agency will represent the birth mother at no cost to her, saving her the financial burden of hiring an adoption attorney.
  2. How long is the adoption process in GA?
    Adoptions conducted within the state and by authorized agencies often take a year or more. Adoptions outside of a state could take a while to complete because of state and federal regulations that must be followed. Adoptions through DFCS, stepparents, and private agencies are frequently finished in less than six months.
  3. What court handles adoption in Georgia?
    A Petition for Adoption must be submitted to the Superior Court in your county. For a good cause, you may alternatively file the petition in the county where the kid resides or where the agency is located.

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