Adopting a Child in Georgia, Types of Adoption and Where to Adopt from?

Adopting a Child in Georgia, Types of Adoption and Where to Adopt from?

Tom Tebeau is an expert attorney for providing best consultancy for adopting a child in Georgia. We have been serving people for years in making this complex process easy. It is a tiring process, and we understand it is not easy to get the parenting rights of a kid. Let alone finding the right birth parents, the detailed documentation and rules of law make it even more cumbersome. Mind it, parenting has nothing to do with giving birth or adoption, you can enjoy a very happy adoptive parenting experience, only if you know how to do that.

Adopting a Child in Georgia; Choosing the Right Sources

If you wish for adopting a child in Georgia you need to be very careful about the sources from where you are going to make the adoption. Either you are looking for independent adoption  or  adoption through licensed agencies, go through the following guidelines, which will help you choose the right plan:

Beware of the Scams

If you are looking for kids for adoption in Georgia, be aware of the scammers. It is quite obvious that you share your contact details with many adoption agencies that may lead to transfer of your data to some anonymous hands. You need to be very alert during that special time. It is very common here that you get emails, which seem like from an adoption attorney or a birthmother, but indeed they are scam. This is why we recommend you go to an authentic source for child adoption.

Outcomes of Open Adoption

We are an expert adoption attorney in Atlanta and suggest you go for the right adoption type. Open adoption is basically the type in which biological parents are the very part of the process. They stay interactive during the adoption procedure and even after that they may continue to be part of a child's life. We won’t deny the fact that at times it is not easy for the birth parents to leave the kid. In short, the birth parents’ interruptions may not let you and the adopted child settle down easily. This is why it is better to agree on a mutual plan before going for adoption.

Different Sources of Adoption

If you are looking for kids for adoption in Georgia, here are few authentic sources which you should consider:

  • International adoption agencies in Georgia
  • Christian adoption agencies in Georgia
  • Private adoption agencies in Georgia

Different Types of Adoption

We are the adoption attorney in Atlanta, who provide seamless consultancy to the people who are wishing for kids for adoption in Georgia. Here we list before your different adoption types in accordance with Georgia adoption laws. 

Independent Adoption

It’s also known as private adoption where no agencies or kids’ welfare institutes are involved. The parents looking for kids for adoption in Georgia come across the biological parents by societal interactions and by family or friends contacts. Such adoption doesn’t require any payment by law, but the adoptive parents have to pay a few expenses to the birth parents before adoption.

Third Party Adoption

This type of adoption takes place when the adoptive parents are the stepparent or relatives of the kid. According to law, in third party adoption the birth parents give up their rights of being parents. This law applies to the kids below 14 years of age and the ones above are asked by the court, if they want to adopt a foster home or not.

Stepparent Adoption

In case, you are a stepparent and want to adopt the kid, then according to law his birth parents or guardian will have to withdraw from any sort of parental rights of the kid. If you are looking for kids for adoption in Georgia, then understand there are two ways for the biological parents to give up on parental rights, either willingly or through court. If the parents are not alive then the guardian’s consent is taken.

Relative Adoption

This type of adoption is specially meant for providing the kid a better home. In certain cases, like a parent’s death, unhealthy home environment, teenage pregnancy and financial issues, the law allows the kid’s relatives to adopt him. These rights are given only to those relatives who have any blood relation with the kid.

Foreign Adoption

This type of adoption involves a bit complex process. We are those adoption lawyers who make things clear to you in the very early stage. In this adoption the adoptive parents go for adopting a child from some other country. Here you need to involve international adoption agencies first.

Adoption through Licensed Agencies

These licensed agencies play a role of a median between adoptive parents and birth parents. It is also termed as identified or designated adoption. If a family finds a birth mother, then they can get the services of a licensed adoption agency, who helps them go through the legal process.

Adoption through State Agencies

This is the type of adoption where the state directly gets involved. The parents looking for adopting a child in Georgia get themselves registered with these agencies. This type of adoption is entirely different from that of adopting through private agencies. Here the Georgian Law entitles a 23-point Bill of Rights to the foster parents.


I am a single parent, what type of adoption will you suggest to me?

Being a single parent, we will suggest you look for an authentic birth mother and get the services of any licensed adoption agency.

Do you provide law consultancy across the whole state of Georgia?

Yes, we have been handling clients from all across Georgia, it’s never about whether they come from remote areas or urban centers.

Do you provide services for the cases where interstate adoption is involved? 

Yes, we provide law consultancy for interstate adoption and Interstate Compact on the Placement of Child as well. 


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