Adopting a Child in Georgia? Make Sure You Read This First

Adopting a Child in Georgia?  Make Sure You Read This First

If you are a resident of Georgia and you are thinking of adopting a child there are certain things that you need to be aware of. The Georgia adoption laws mention some specific rules and regulations that must be followed. Depending on the type of adoption you are going for the rules differ accordingly. The basic requirements are the following:

  •          Your age should be at least 25 or the other option is that you are married and living with your spouse.
  •          You need to be 10 years older than the child you are adopting.
  •          You should have sufficient resources and be physically and mentally healthy

As mentioned, adopting a child in Georgia requires that you fulfill certain requirements and one of them is the home study. This study is to see if you or your family can offer a suitable environment for the adopted child. An adoption process can be done through an attorney or an adoption agency. We will look at two types of adoptions their requirements and process of each of them. Regardless of the type, the help of an experienced adoption lawyer is invaluable when it comes to adoption cases legalities in the State of Georgia.


I know someone who is placing their child up for adoption.

If you would like to be parents of a child that you know someone is willing to give to you this is known as a private or independent adoption. This type of adoption can be done through a lawyer or an adoption agency or both. The legalities involved such as has the birth parent given birth to the child yet. The expenses if any, that you are bearing concerning the adoption. Making sure that the rights of the birth parent are properly terminated through the court. The Georgia Adoption Bill 2018 implemented some changes to allow for a quicker adoption process while keeping in mind the rights of both the birth mother and adoptive parents. If you would like to know about this and more, please consult the office of Thomas Tebeau for expert legal advice with regards to your case.


I would like to offer a good home to a child from another country.

The same way with domestic adoption an international adoption has some processes and legalities that need to be fulfilled. The process is a bit more complex as it involves the courts of the birth country of the child. Their requirements need to be met and that also involves in travelling to the birth country of the child you wish to adopt and bring them here. Depending on the country you are adopting the child from there would be some additional requirements based on the Hague convention. If the country of origin of the child is a part of that convention. An adoption lawyer is essential in getting the child registered here in Georgia once they have been brought to their adoptive home.


I wish to adopt my Stepchild

Generally, if you are married you and your spouse both need to file for adoption jointly. Whereas if you are searching how to adopt a stepchild in GA, then you are in luck as your spouse does need to join in the adoption petition. The process still requires certain legalities that need to be attended to by an adoption lawyer. Adopting a child in Georgia especially in case of a stepchild the law allows the stepchild to be adopted if the parent he/she is replacing is deceased or if the parent they are replacing consents in writing to the adoption. In case, the parent does not give consent the stepparent can take the issue to court and depending on the reason can have the parental right’s terminated. For more information please see here. You can also contact the law office of Thomas Tebeau at (​706) 327-1151.


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