4 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer For Help With Adopting A Child In Georgia

4 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer For Help With Adopting A Child In Georgia

Adopting a child in Georgia allows you to expand your family while providing a loving environment for someone less fortunate. For the past ten years, Thomas Tebeau has made it his mission to help adoptive parents through the legal maze so they can welcome their new child into their family without worry.

Adopting a child deserves the same amount of attention, if not more, as all the other important things you've done in your life. And the first thing you should do is contact an accomplished adoption lawyer. Before and after the birth of your new family member, an adoption attorney in Atlanta can function as a legal mediator between your family and the new member's representatives on behalf of the adoption agency.

Why Work with an Adoption Attorney in Atlanta?

While adopting a child is a fantastic way to grow your family, the regulations surrounding the process can be confusing and tough to navigate. If you hire a lawyer to help you throughout the adoption procedure, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly. If you need assistance with adoption law, we provide:

  • An Objective Analysis of Adoption Procedures
  • Helpful information for putting together an adoption strategy that will hold up in court
  • Information on your legal options and the adoption laws in your state, or the contact information of an adoption lawyer in your area.
  • Risk analysis, including establishing acceptable financial outlays
  • Pre-placement legal steps to ensure that parental rights are terminated
  • To protect your interests, reviewing and negotiating the terms of any contracts with adoption agencies is important.
  • Discussion of your post-placement choices with the birth parents
  • Services related to the drafting or evaluating agreements to protect your rights and the rights of the kid.


How Can an Attorney Make the Adoption Process Easier

  1. Most states have laws in place that govern the adoption process. Before starting the adoption process or choosing a child, it is important to familiarize oneself with the applicable laws.Prospective parents in an independent adoption take the initiative to find a birth mother and child on their own, whether through traditional or nontraditional means such as newspaper ads, the internet, or personal connections. After that is done, they will require the services of an attorney to function as a mediator between them and the other side.
  2. It's crucial to hire an adoption attorney from the beginning to avoid problems that may occur. There may be complications, such as the birth mother wishing the baby back, the infant having a persistent medical issue, or the baby dying shortly after birth.The attorney should anticipate problems and prepare for them in advance so that they can be avoided or dealt with efficiently. The lawyer's paperwork will make it easier to avoid sticky situations when adopting a child in Georgia.
  3. In an independent adoption managed by an attorney, both the adoptive and birth parents have more flexibility in making decisions about whether or not to proceed with the adoption. When adopting through an agency, the organization makes the final decision on who will be a good parent for the child.If you want to hire an attorney, you won't have to wait as long as other adoptive parents do. The birth parents can feel more at ease with their decision to give their child up for adoption if they consult with an adoption attorney about the legalities of the issue. The parents and kids alike can benefit emotionally from this.
  4. An adoption attorney in Atlanta helps negotiate the conditions, manages the legal paperwork, meets with the birth mother to obtain her agreement, and communicates with the medical professionals, who may or may not be familiar with the adoption process.
    An attorney's presence at this moment may mitigate the possibility of the birth mother being brainwashed into reversing her decision to place her kid with a loving adoptive family. The adoption lawyers have the resources to track the biological father and secure his permission. If neither birth parent is willing to cooperate with the adoption process, the lawyer may be able to convince them to do so.


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Those are valid concerns, and we're here to alleviate them and assist you through the process. We also know several international adoption agencies in Georgia and work in close cooperation. Are you prepared to take the next step toward completing your family planning? Make an appointment for a meeting with us today. We are eager to collaborate with you to make your adoption goals a reality.



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